Jeremy Simon


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There is so much happening in 3D printing right now. There is an enormous global community driving development, aided by each others’ efforts thanks to the Internet. This collaborative approach to technological development is a very powerful force. I believe the pace of 3D printing and related technologies is going to outpace even the more optimistic predictions because of this.

I’ve been 3D printing since 2013, and I’ve been a member of the e-NABLE volunteer community, making free 3D printed prosthetics for people, since early 2014. It’s definitely a passion for me, and I’m thankful to have the opportunity to introduce others to this exciting technology.

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Jeremy Simon

Jen Owen

As the founder of, I have been blogging about and documenting the e-NABLE Community since 2012 and the thousands of people that have been helped by 3D printed prosthetics through the generosity and care of volunteers.

Before e-NABLE, I had never heard of 3D printing. Now, I am continuously fascinated by what can be done with this technology and I love to write about it and share my excitement with others.

My favorite stories to write, are those which showcase how human beings can work together to make the world a better place and how 3D printing is inspiring students of all ages to become the next generation of change makers!

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Alina Dragu

Since 2014 I have been involved in 3D printing and digital fabrication. My diverse background gives me an interesting and unique perspective on this technology and the impact that it can have in many different fields.

I also have a keen interest in the new developments in 3D printing, and how digital fabrication can be used to better the lives of people throughout the world. Be it an e-NABLE superhero hand for a child in need or a 3D printed house in rural South America.

I enjoy researching and sharing the information I find with others. I hope that you find my posts informative and that you walk away feeling like you have learned something new.

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