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Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle Overview

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LulzBot’s Open-Source FRESH-Certified Bio Printer

Important Update Before getting too excited about this product announcement, please see our other blog post about LulzBot’s questionable future. Last week, 3D Universe was invited to be a part of a select group of […]

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Taking a Closer Look at the Ultimaker S3 Printer

by Jen Owen in 3D Print Hobbyists Comments Off on Taking a Closer Look at the Ultimaker S3 Printer

Meet The Newest Addition To the S-line Of 3D Printers It’s often said: “Bigger is better”. Turns out – with the new Ultimaker S3 – that’s just not the case! Inside an efficiently small footprint [...]

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K-2SO Cosplay Project with 3D Printed Mechanical Hands

My friend Dave recently approached me to ask for help putting together a K-2SO costume for the C2E2 convention in Chicago. He wanted me to help with the mechanical hands since he knew of my work with the e-NABLE Volunteer Community making free 3D printed prosthetic devices for people around the world. […]



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Enter the 3D Printing Antimicrobial Space Challenge

A collaboration of organizations, which includes NASA Nebraska Space Grant, Copper3D, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the University of Nebraska Biomechanics Center, is running an Open Innovation Contest in October this year that will challenge participants […]

Ultimaker S5
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Introducing the Ultimaker S5

Ultimaker recently released their latest printer model, the Ultimaker S5, and I’m pleased to say that it’s the best, most reliable desktop 3D printer I’ve ever used. Aside from a much larger build volume, there are some nice new features in the S5, which we’ll take a look at here. […]

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Getting Started with the e-NABLE Volunteer Community

by Jeremy Simon in Education Comments Off on Getting Started with the e-NABLE Volunteer Community

Often, people have questions about how to get started with e‑NABLE. This guide provides an overview and some suggestions for those who want to get involved with this amazing community. […]

K-2SO Cosplay Project with 3D Printed Mechanical Hands

Ultimaker Cura: Adaptive Layers

Jose Delgado Receives an e-NABLE 3D Printed Prosthetic

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Tutorial: Assembling the Unlimbited Phoenix Hand

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