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Introducing the Ultimaker Essentials Software

We are excited to officially introduce Ultimaker Essentials to our 3D Universe customers and offer this incredible subscription plan. What is Ultimaker Essentials? Ultimaker Essentials is a software subscription plan, tailor-made for enterprises with more […]

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ExoMy Mars Rover |3D Print Your Own

It is no secret that most of 2020 has felt more like a sci-fi horror film than real life. A global pandemic, “Murder Hornets”, massive wildfires, and social unrest amongst many other things, have been […]

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Getting Started with the e-NABLE Volunteer Community

by Jeremy Simon in Education Comments Off on Getting Started with the e-NABLE Volunteer Community

Often, people have questions about how to get started with e‑NABLE. This guide provides an overview and some suggestions for those who want to get involved with this amazing community. […]

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