Introducing the Ultimaker S5


Opportunities for 3D Printing in K-12 Education

by Jeremy Simon in 3D Printing 1

As discussed in a previous post, there is exciting potential for 3D printing as part of an educational curriculum. It can help to bring ideas to life in a tangible form that can help facilitate [...]
3D Printing

How Desktop 3D Printing Is Improving Manufacturers’ Bottom Lines

The rapid advancements in desktop 3D printing technology have made it possible for manufacturing companies to start using 3D printers as a reliable tool in their manufacturing and production workflow.  Not long ago desktop 3D printers [...]


3D Printing

How to Assemble the “Tendon” Lines for the Cyborg Beast 3D Printed Prosthesis

After posting another video showing the overall assembly process for the Cyborg Beast 3D printed prosthesis, I was asked to show some details specifically for the process of installing the two types of cords used as […]


3D Printing

KICKSTARTER JUST LAUNCHED! Strooder: A Consumer-Oriented Filament Extruder You’d be Proud to Have on Your Desktop

The Strooder KickStarter campaign just launched! This desktop filament extruder is designed to look great sitting on your desk, next to your 3D printer. It boasts affordability and ease of use. […]

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Introducing e-NABLE Web Central

Introducing e-NABLE Web Central – A New Matching App for e-NABLE

by Jeremy Simon in Informational Comments Off on Introducing e-NABLE Web Central – A New Matching App for e-NABLE

We’re pleased to introduce the first release of the e-NABLE Web Central app! 3D Universe has been working for the last two months on an eagerly anticipated and very much needed “Matching” app solution for the global e-NABLE [...]

Ultimaker Cura: Adaptive Layers

Jose Delgado Receives an e-NABLE 3D Printed Prosthetic