Introducing the Ultimaker S5


Tutorial Customized Bose Bluetooth Speaker
3D Printing

Tutorial: Build a Customized Bose Bluetooth Speaker with 3D Printed Side Panels

Looking for a fun 3D printing project, or a nice gift for someone special? Bose offers a “BoseBuild” speaker cube that you can build yourself. And you can 3D print your own custom side-panels for it in whatever design you like. […]

Creating a 3D Printing Time Lapse
3D Printing

Library Workshop – Creating a 3D Printing Time Lapse

I recently did a workshop with my local library, the Algonquin Area Public Library District. Working with a group of about a dozen 4th through 8th graders, we 3D printed a fun marble machine and then created a time-lapse video of the project. This provided a great opportunity to introduce the kids to 3D printing in a fun and exciting way, and it also introduced them to a variety of video production skills. […]

ZigZag Vase

by Jeremy Simon in 3D Printing Comments Off on ZigZag Vase

I wasn’t sure about the orange at first, but I think it came out pretty nicely. The way the filament was layered, it took on some interesting color variations and textures. The model can be [...]



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Introducing e-NABLE Web Central

Introducing e-NABLE Web Central – A New Matching App for e-NABLE

by Jeremy Simon in Informational Comments Off on Introducing e-NABLE Web Central – A New Matching App for e-NABLE

We’re pleased to introduce the first release of the e-NABLE Web Central app! 3D Universe has been working for the last two months on an eagerly anticipated and very much needed “Matching” app solution for the global e-NABLE [...]

Ultimaker Cura: Adaptive Layers

Jose Delgado Receives an e-NABLE 3D Printed Prosthetic