Using SmartSlice™ To Find the Optimal Print Settings for Your Part

How much time do you spend asking yourself questions about your 3D prints before you send the file to the 3D printer and hope that your estimate and guesses were correct? How do you know which print settings are necessary for your design to withstand real-world forces? What should the wall line count be? How many top and bottom layers should you add? What should the infill density be or Which orientation will print the strongest part?

All of these questions matter, and thanks to SmartSlice, you can get your answers in minutes!

In this 4 minute video below, Rick Dalgarno, Sr. Application Engineer at Teton Simulation, shares exactly how SmartSlice can help you get the answers you need, in minutes instead of hours!

Print settings from SmartSlice

We see how 8 parts were examined, all with different print orientations and/or configurations that would have taken 5 days and 16 hours to 3D print and test these parts.

The time it took to virtually test these parts using SmartSlice to determine their optimal print settings? Just 1 hour.

That is not only a lot of time saved but also huge reduction of labor and materials costs that have now been eliminated from the equation. Being able to use SmartSlice in your prototyping phase to rapidly determine the optimal print settings for your part, is a game-changer for small and large businesses alike.

As we learned recently in a case study with Nometal 3D, a company that has been able to realize a 58.9% cost reduction in their prototyping process, projecting a savings of over $45,000 for the coming year, SmartSlice has more than paid for itself.

Check out the video below to see for yourself!

Video | Using SmartSlice™ To Find the Optimal Print Settings for Your Part

It does not matter which industry you are in, SmartSlice™ can help your company see the same value highlighted here. We hope you find this video on optimal print settings useful!

For more information about SmartSlice and what it can do for you, please visit our website.

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