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We are excited to announce that 3D Universe is partnering with Ultimaker, and Bit Space for our 3D Printing in the Workplace and *STEM Education Symposium! This will be a fun and educational hands-on event being held in Chicago, Illinois on April 24-25th!

Join us for 2 days of 3D printing workshops, guest speakers, design challenges, hack-a-thons, demos, networking events, catered lunches, deep dives into 3D printing design software, raffles, giveaways and much more!

Keynote speakers from 3D printing industry leaders, e-NABLE’s 3D printed prosthetics community and Chicago based educators who are using 3D printing in their classrooms will be presenting over the course of the weekend.

*Educators who attend this event will qualify for 8 PDH (Professional Development Hours) per day, through the Illinois Digital Educators Alliance.

This will be a weekend you won’t want to miss!

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An Overview of Ultimaker’s Newest Products

Ultimaker S5, S5 Pro Bundle and S3 3d printers displayed on a table
Photo courtesy of Ultimaker

Come join us for a presentation of Ultimaker’s newest machines to hit the market! We will have demos with the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and the Ultimaker S3 as well as a Q&A session.

Ultimaker Hardware Maintenance and service training

Matt Griffin and Anderson Ta from Ultimaker will be here to host and teach a 4 hour *service training workshop that provides hands-on demonstrations of maintenance and tune-ups on Ultimaker machines, highlights of non-scheduled service needs that may arise, how to get replacement parts and where to locate self-serve technical resources for each product. This is a condensed and accelerated version of the very same training used to certify Ultimaker’s in-house service technicians!

*Please note: Space is limited, please reserve your spot today!

Keynote Speakers  

Ben Kovalick – Product Design Engineer, Caterpillar, Inc.

Friday: “The Use of 3D Printing in the Earthmoving Industry”

Ben Kovalick started working for Caterpillar, Inc in 2016. He has worked on the design team, in manufacturing, and test engineering.  He is currently employed as a product design engineer, developing designs for the Motor Graders Performance Structures and Worktools group.

I transform an idea from a sketch on a napkin to a real-world piece of machinery.” He adds, “My primary goal is to improve the products that our customers depend on every day in order to help them succeed.

Please join us for Ben’s presentation on Friday. He will be sharing how he and his team uses 3D printing in the earthmoving industry and how this technology has been used to improve quality, velocity, serviceability and manufacturability for their customers.

Jen Owen – Co-Founder of the e-NABLE Volunteer Community

Jen Owen, co-founder of the e-NABLE Community and founder of with a 3D printed hand

Friday and Saturday – “The History of e-NABLE.”
Saturday –
“3D Printing and e-NABLE in STEM Education.”
Saturday – “e-NABLE Design Challenge Workshop”

Jen Owen is the co-founder of e-NABLE and owner and creator of, a website dedicated to sharing the open-source designs and stories from a global community of volunteers who are creating free 3D printed hands and arms for those who were born missing fingers or who have lost them due to war, accident, natural disaster or disease.

Come hear her inspirational story of how this global movement started in her garage as a project to help one person and that has now gone on to help thousands all over the world.

Find out how you can use this project in your STEM-based classrooms and show your students how they can use their ideas and imaginations to change the world!

Chris Jackson – President: Terrafilum 3D Printed Engineered Filaments

Chris Jackson with his customized 3D printed golf club

Chris Jackson grew up in Iowa with a limb difference that on the outward appearance may define him as having limitations. However, he is anything but limited.

Friday and Saturday: “Eco-friendly 3D Printing Materials Engineering”

With lots of support from his close-knit family and friends, Chris overcame life’s struggles and developed a strategy for life along the way. Today he is the President and founder of Terrafilum, a 3D printing materials manufacturer focused on producing eco-friendly material options. With 30+ years of experience as a Chemical Engineer and a prestigious MBA, Chris rose in the ranks of corporate America. He became a skilled coach, mentor, and business leader with a very diverse background having experiences in Chemicals, Plastics, Healthcare, and Custom Manufacturing industries. His eclectic passions never left him satisfied until he and Additive Manufacturing crossed paths.

Come hear his inspirational story and find out how he launched his eco-friendly 3D printer filament company, Terrafilum.

Samantha Gleisten – Director of Learner Experience at BitSpace

Saturday – “3D Printing and e-NABLE in STEM Education.”
Saturday – “e-NABLE Design Challenge Workshop”

Samantha Gleisten is the Director of Learner Experience at Bit Space, where she works to share professional development opportunities in making and constructivist teaching with educators across the country.

Prior to her work with Bit Space, Sam was a classroom teacher for 15 years and was awarded an Unsung Heroes Award by Voya for her work implementing a problem-solving curriculum in the classroom. Before working in the classroom, Sam conducted research on how children learn with the Annenberg School for Communication Children’s Media Lab and hosted a design show, From Junky to Funky, on the DIY Network.

Join Sam, along with Jen Owen from e-NABLE for their presentation about how to get 3D printing into your STEM curriculums and then spend some time with them during their 3D printing design challenge!

Tom Mueller – President: Mueller Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Friday: “Is Ultimaker Viable for Investment Casting Applications”

Tom Mueller is the founder and president of Mueller Additive Manufacturing Solutions, a consulting company focusing on metal casting applications of additive manufacturing. He has been involved in 3D printing applications for more than 30 years.

He led the first beta site for stereolithography at Baxter Healthcare in the late 80s. He then went on to found two 3D printing service companies. One of those companies, Express Pattern, was sold to 3D Systems. He worked for 3D Systems as Director of Business Development focusing on metal casting applications and later for Voxeljet as Director of Metal Casting applications.

Tom has published more than 50 technical papers and journal articles related to 3D printing applications. He holds BSME and MSME degrees from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

Come learn more about using 3D printers for metal and investment casting during his session on Friday!

Matt Griffin – Director of Community for Ultimaker North America

Matt Griffin - Director of Community for Ultimaker North America

Friday“Ultimaker Hardware and Service Training”
Friday & Saturday – “Introduction to Ultimaker”

Matt Griffin is the Director of Community for Ultimaker North America. He has recently completed a lecture series on 3D Printing Hardware for Coursera, and writes, teaches, and consults on a range of topics including 3D printing, 3D design and modeling, diy electronics, and more.

He has taught digital fabrication at Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA). Matt is a frequent contributor to MAKE Magazine, including the annual Make: Ultimate Guide to 3DP series. Previously, he was community manager at MakerBot, and director of community & support at Adafruit.

Jeremy Simon – CEO and Founder of 3D Universe and e-NABLE Volunteer

Jeremy Simon, Founder of 3D Universe

Friday and Saturday – “Overview of Ultimaker Products”
Saturday – “Introduction to e-NABLE Web Central and the e-NABLE Hub

Jeremy Simon has been a part of e‑NABLE since early 2014 and helps to support the website. His company, 3D Universe, is a strong supporter of e‑NABLE and is responsible for developing the e‑NABLE Web Central application.

He is a mentor to fellow volunteers as well as classrooms around the world who are interested in participating in the e‑NABLE project. Jeremy also serves as chairperson of e-NABLE’s Strategic Planning Committee and is a member of e-NABLE’s Badging Team.

Come hear him talk about how e-NABLE Web Central works and an introduction to the new e-NABLE Hub, a centralized location for volunteers to gather to collaborate and mentor one another.

Mike Hurley – President of Bit Space

Mike Hurley - President of Bit Space

Overview of Bit Space Offerings for Education

Mike Hurley presents an overview of the exciting product and service offerings Bit Space has available to help your school implement hands-on maker-education programs for your students.

Bit Space is the leader in maker education for kids. Whether it’s a kid or teen just starting their maker education, an experienced teacher trying to integrate new skills into their classroom, or an administrator trying to expand access to makerspace facilities across their district, they have the knowledge and experience necessary to bring the benefits of a well-rounded maker education to almost anyone.

Come hear how Bit Space offers camps and classes at their own makerspaces and in schools, published a comprehensive maker curriculum, supports educators with professional development courses, and designs and builds makerspaces for schools and school districts.

Dave Lysen – Cosplay Enthusiast

Dave Lysen shows off his 1st place award for his K-2SO outfit with 3D printed mechanical hands

Dave Lysen, a local cosplay enthusiast, presents an overview of what goes into creating a cosplay outfit using a variety of traditional and digital fabrication techniques. Cosplay is a wonderful maker activity because it leverages so many varied skills, like sewing, foam cutting, painting, 3D printing, and more.

Learn more about the fun and rewarding process of creating a cosplay outfit and how it can be a part of a positive and engaging learning experience or your students!

Workshops and Classes

Materials Workshop with Matt Griffin, Ultimaker

This workshop will go over which materials are available for use in 3D printing, how they perform, and what they are commonly used for. Still printing with PLA? Expand your horizons and learn about all of the other exciting material options available for 3D printing!

Materials have come a long way in recent years, and even the more advanced materials are a lot easier to print than they used to be. Learn about the many advanced engineering-grade materials and composite materials available to use with the latest Ultimaker 3D printers, all of which feature an open materials platform.

Fusion 360 Tutorial workshop with Kevin Smith, Vice President of Operations – Bit Space

Kevin Smith, Vice President of Operations - Bit Space

Kevin Smith will be teaching a workshop dedicated to offering the basics to getting started in Autodesk Fusion 360 and opportunities to ask questions and get feedback.

Learn the basics of creating your own 3D models from scratch using the powerful features available in Autodesk Fusion 360. Fusion 360 unifies design, engineering, and manufacturing into a single platform. It provides a complete CAD, CAM, and CAE software package, including all collaboration and data management capabilities. Yet despite all of its powerful capabilities, you’ll find it surprisingly accessible. See for yourself how easy it is to get started bringing your own ideas to life with this powerful tool.

Deep Dive into Ultimaker Cura with Jeremy Simon, CEO and Founder of 3D Universe

Cura software displayed on a screen next to an Ultimaker 3D printer
Photo courtesy of Ultimaker

Jeremy will give us an overview of the latest features available in Ultimaker Cura, the world’s most popular slicing software for desktop 3D printing.

Learn about how to prepare your print jobs using both the simple and advanced options available in Cura. Learn about the new Cura Marketplace, giving you access to free plugins and 3rd party materials. And see some of the lesser-known features such as support blockers, variable layer heights, and customizing settings within specific regions of a print.

Unleash the full potential of your 3D printer by understanding and utilizing all of the great features available in Ultimaker Cura!

Designing for FDM 3D Printing with Matt Griffin, Ultimaker

Example of a 3D printable design
Photo courtesy of Ultimaker

This presentation will provide attendees with an overview of 3D printing, design considerations when planning a 3D print, and an introduction to Ultimaker Cura, Ultimaker’s industry-leading slicing software used by 3D printers around the world.

Learn about different types of 3D printing technologies, the steps involved in a typical 3D printing workflow, product design considerations for items to be 3D printed, and more. Understand the basic concepts involved in 3D printing and how these related to your design considerations to ensure an optimal outcome.

Design Challenges and Hack-a-thons

A 3D printed prosthetic hand with a recipient arm from e-NABLE

e-NABLE Design Challenge Workshop

Join us for a hands-on design challenge where you will be working in teams and given 45 minutes to complete the task! Expect a lot of collaboration, compromise and FUN!

This is a great challenge for teachers who would like to incorporate 3D printing in STEM education!

Once your team has submitted your final design, we will send them off to the Ultimaker 3D printers in the house and the finished design will be on display during our networking event later in the evening!

Bit Space “Design Jam”

Bit Space design Jam banner

We will be playing a fun design challenge game where you will be given a scenario (sometimes quite ridiculous) to create a solution for and you will have 45 minutes to complete the challenge.

Once your team has submitted your final design, we will send them off to be printed on the Ultimaker 3D printers! The designs will be on display during our networking event later in the evening!

Customer Case Studies

Sample 3D prints of a tool and a piece of an engine prototype

We will have presentations from customers who are actively using 3D printing in their businesses, for artwork creation and in the manufacturing and automotive industries.

If you are interested in presenting at this event, please email us at!

Educator Spotlights

Students surrounding an Ultimaker 3D printer in a STEM based learning environment
Photo courtesy of Ultimaker

We are asking educators to give short talks about how they’ve used 3D printing in STEM education. How has 3D printing impacted the learning environments at their schools? Educators will be available to share their 3D printing STEM-based learning curriculums!

If you are a teacher who would like to present about the work you are doing in your classrooms with 3D printing, please email us at!

Student Presentations of 3D Printing in STEM Education

Student 3D printer projects including 3 3D printed musical instruments

We are asking local students to give short presentations to share how they are using 3D printing in STEM education, art and potential business opportunities for themselves.

If you are a student in the Chicago area and would like to present, please email us at!

Bit Space Escape Room

Escape room banner

Make sure you schedule a time for the newest Bit Space Escape Room experience during the event!

For the past five years, BitSpace has run some of the best, most interactive open houses to showcase the many talents of our guides and to build relationships with our customers. This year we’re back and putting on a show as you’ve never seen at BitSpace before!

We are pleased to debut Gitchcraft: A BitSpace Escape Room!

Glitchcraft: A BitSpace Escape Room is a 30-minute, family-friendly escape room that can be played by 2-6 people. Come experience a video game-style escape room adventure!

We will have 4-5 sessions per day to sign up for! Do you have what it takes to escape before time runs out??

Tour the Bit Space Makerspace

Bit Space interior space view
Photo courtesy of Bit Space

Take a guided tour around Bit Space. Learn more about classes and educational opportunities they provide, see their available equipment and get a chance to ask questions during this time.

See how they are using 3D printing in STEM education in their local community!

Catered Networking Evening and “Lunch and Learn” Sessions

We will be providing a catered lunch for our attendees during “Lunch and Learn” sessions on both Friday and Saturday afternoons. Each day will offer a different session and meal choice. (Please make sure to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions when you register!)

In the evening, please join us for a networking session. This will include a curated showcase of projects done by professionals and industry leaders as well as students and teachers. The evening will include free food and drinks, raffles, giveaways, workshops, demos and more!

Registration and Event Information

This event has limited space available. In order to reserve your spot, please be sure to purchase your tickets as soon as possible.

If you are an educator who may need financial assistance to attend, please email us at

Your tickets include breakfast and a catered lunch and dinner.

For a full description and schedule of events taking place during this event, please visit the registration page!

Register for the event

Complete Event Schedule Details

3D Printing in the Workplace and STEM Education: Schedule

For questions, please email us at

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