Introducing the XYZ Nobel 1.0A SLA 3D Printer

Printed on the XYZ Nobel 1.0A SLA 3D Printer.

We recently put together a video overview of the XYZ Nobel 1.0A SLA 3D printer. This video covers everything from the initial setup and calibration to preparing a print job and doing post-processing.

Overall, we’ve been very pleased with the results using our Nobel 1.0A. Prints stick to the bed reliably (which was an issue with the first generation Nobel printers). The quality of prints is very high, with a smooth surface and no visible layering effects.

Here are some samples of prints we’ve done with the XYZ Nobel 1.0A SLA 3D printer:

The printer is very quiet, making it a nice option for an office or classroom, where a noisy printer would cause a disturbance.

This model has automatic resin management capabilities, so if the resin tank runs low during a print job, the printer will automatically add more from the resin bottle without any user interaction. If a bottle runs out, the printer will pause the print job so the user can install a new bottle. This makes the printer very easy to use.

As discussed in the video, the process for preparing print jobs for an SLA printer is a little different than an FDM printer. Since objects are printed solid, it’s important to hollow out larger objects before printing. You’ll also want to add drainage holes so you can easily clean out excess resin that may be left inside the object. This is shown in the video, but we’ve also prepared a separate tutorial for this process, which you can find here.

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