Using Simplify3D to Print an Entire Cyborg Beast Prosthetic Hand on a Single 6 x 9″ Build Plate

I recently taught my wife how to setup 3D prints using Simplify3D. She’s a natural and was setting up her very first print job within 10 minutes, with me helping only with verbal pointers from time to time.

These days, most of what I print is prosthetic limbs, so I was teaching her how to setup a print job for a Cyborg Beast e-NABLE Hand. It’s a pretty advanced print job to start off with.

For best results, the support material needs to be customized, so it only goes in specific places, which Simplify3D allows you to do, as shown here.

As if this print job wasn’t challenging enough already, she proposed something exciting.

I usually print a Cyborg Beast in two print jobs – one for all the hand parts and another for the “gauntlet” – the part that fits over the arm. As she was setting up her very first print job, she asked if we could position the smaller parts underneath the bigger parts. We did a test, and it came out surprisingly well!

Check out the video below.

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