Check Out Our Review of Simplify3D V2.0.1

Review of Simplify3D V2.0.1

The All-in-One Software for 3D Printing

Simplify3D is designed to be a complete solution for 3D print preparation and has features not found in other popular slicing programs. It also has a price tag of $140, with no evaluation version available, which makes many people hesitant to give it a shot.

To help with your buying decision, check out our four-part video review of Simplify3D.

Part 1 

Provides a 20-minute overview of what Simplify3D has to offer:

Part 2 

Shows a specific use-case where the custom support features of Simplify3D prove to be especially useful:

Part 3

Demonstrates how the visualization features of Simplify3D can be used to avoid failed prints:

Part 4

Shows how Simplify3D customized support allows for “stacking” parts, positioning smaller parts underneath the overhanging portions of larger parts:

Purchase Simplify3D HERE.

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  1. Hi, thank you for your video’s covering Simplify3D, I’m about to purchase… I’m new to 3D printing and I think the software will ease my way into it.

    You mentioned a GCODE mod before your print which prints a straight line and primes the extruder… is there any chance you could share this?


    • Here’s the start gcode I use with Simplify3D. Note – this is specifically for a Flashforge Creator Pro and may not work properly with other printers.

      T0 ; set primary extruder
      M103 ; extruder off
      M73 P0 ; enable build progress
      M70 P2 (Simplify3D)
      G162 X Y F3000 ; home XY minimum
      G161 Z F1200 ; home Z minimum
      G92 Z-5 ; set Z to -5
      G1 Z0.0 ; move Z to 0
      G161 Z F100 ; home Z slowly
      M132 X Y Z A B ; load current position from EPROM
      G90; set positioning to absolute
      G1 X100 Y73 Z30; move Z to waiting height
      G1 X-100 Y-73 Z30 F14000; move to waiting position (front left corner of print bed)
      G130 X0 Y0 A0 B0; set stepper motor vref to lower value while heating
      M6; wait for bed and extruder to heat up
      G130 X127 Y127 A127 B127; set stepper motor vref to defaults
      M108 T0 R3; set extruder speed
      G92 E0; set E to 0
      G90; use absolute coordinates
      M320; acceleration enabled for all commands that follow
      G1 Z0.2 F6000.000; move to first layer height
      G1 X100 Y-73 F14000.000; move to front right corner of bed
      G1 X-100 Y-73 E24 F1200.000; extrude a line of filament across the front edge of the bed
      G4 P2000; wait for ooze to slow
      G1 Z0.0 F6000.000; lower nozzle height to bed
      G1 X-120; wipe nozzle
      G1 Z0.2 F6000.000; set nozzle to first layer height
      G1 F14000; ensure fast travel to first print move
      G92 E0; set E to 0 again
      M73 P0; reset build progress to 0
      M73 P1 ;@body (notify GPX body has started)

  2. Well, the software is decent, but their support is pathetic (in friendly words…). It will take them half a day to send you a download link (you need an account on their website) and you will need to send them many nasty e-mails to wake them up and get you the product you bought.

    Now, if you actually need support, there is really none. Emails to their published support e-mail address return with “user unknown” and there is no phone number of course either….

    Even if you want to reset your password, the function on the website does not work and … wait for it…. neither will your product – if you do not have a working internet connection, this POS software is NOT going to get you past the login screen.

    Nice functions but the lack of support and idiotic implementation of the requirement to have an internet connection for the product to work makes it completely useless.

    I would say, stay away until they get their act together. Right now it feels as if it is a bunch of kids trying to run a company.

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