First Impressions of the Flashforge Creator X 3D Printer

Flashforge Creator X 3D Printer

I recently received the new Flashforge Creator X and figured I’d provide a side-by-side comparison with the original Flashforge Creator in this video review.

This video doesn’t focus so much on technical specifications, as those are readily available on the Internet. Instead, the focus here is on the differences between the Creator and the Creator X.

In summary:

  • Same technical specs – both have dual MK8 extruders, 6x9x6″ build area, and a heated build plate
  • The Creator X costs $100 more than the Creator ($1299 vs $1199)
  • Improved build plate, with 6.3mm thick aluminum to prevent warping and provide a level print surface
  • Aluminum frame for improved rigidity
  • Side panels for better results when printing with ABS (keeps the temperature higher within the build chamber)
  • New mounts for y-axis rods to improve stability
  • LED strip lighting mounted inside for improved visibility
  • Noise level seems to be about the same between the Creator and Creator X

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  1. Sounds great, the Wolverine X looks way much better because of the metal frame! (just like in the makerbot replicator2) The laser cutter wooden case can deform due to wet, the new one seems to be more reliable and stable. But I’ve heard there will be a brand new flash forge 3d printer as well, called the Dreamer. What about that? It will have a plastic case/frame with touch screen interface and wifi availability. That one looks more interesting to me…

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