How to Assemble the “Tendon” Lines for the Cyborg Beast

Cyborg Beast 3D printed prosthesis

After posting another video showing the overall assembly process for the Cyborg Beast. I was asked to show how to assemble the “tendon” lines for the Cyborg Beast 3D printed prosthesis in more detail.

Below you will find Part 2 of Assembling the Cyborg Beast, showing a close-up view of how to install those tendon lines.

A big thanks to the great work of those who contributed to the Cyborg Beast prosthesis, including Jorge Zuniga, Frankie Flood, Ivan Owen, David Orgeman, and others in the e-NABLE community.

For more information about the e-NABLE community, please visit

To purchase the assembly materials for the Cyborg Beast 3D printed prosthesis click HERE.

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