Twisted Vase Printed in Taulman T-Glase

Twisted Vase Printed with Taulman T-Glase

Twisted Vase Printed with Taulman T-Glase

I’m really enjoying this Taulman T-Glase material. It has great optical properties, as you can see in the photo. It sticks great to Kapton tape, and it prints at about the same temperature as ABS, so my setup doesn’t even need any changes to print with T-Glase.

Taulman also has T-Glase in color. The only print difference is that the dyes for PETT retain heat longer, so you’ll want to make sure your material fan is “ON”. Also, as the dyes are molecular solids, they inhibit the light pipe capability, so
users will have to use colored lights and clear t-glase with light pipe designs. (For a description and photos of light pipes, see the bottom of this page:

A time-lapse video of the print can be found here:

The model can be found here:  (model credit: Maak Mijn Idee)

You can find more info or buy Taulman T-Glase here: